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For the newly certified trainer or fitness enthusiast considering entering the field, join Danny Iniguez as he shares his experiences, tips, strategies, and mistakes he learned from that got him from being a commercial gym trainer, to starting over from scratch freelancing, to renting his first space, and now grown 5X his original location with nothing but training services and business strategy. This information will allow you to jump leaps and bounds in your profession by giving you a road map for your career goals, no matter how big or small.

At my seminars you will learn

  • what steps to take to grow no matter where you are starting (park workouts, commercial gym, working from home, full-time, or part-time)
  • how to train any and all levels of fitness
  • how to price services
  • how to get the BEST clients to avoid a bad fit or work relationship
  • how to find your niche to brand and sell yourself
  • how to optimize your training hours for max profit
  • what to do when you literally have no equipment

“More than ever, trainers are needed for their skills, knowledge, and influence. A large portion of the population is overweight, unhealthy, and despite the emergence of big brands and corporate fitness models, I truly believe there is no replacement for the personal trainer making the biggest impact. This is the person who gets to know their clients and guides them through the overwhelming amount of information and disinformation. The lifelong learner that wants to share his or her passion for wellness with as many people as possible.

The knowledge you have and the genuine interest in people succeeding makes you more valuable than you realize. I hope to give you the strategy to magnify your knowledge, impact more people, and have a financially successful career and will.”

~Danny iniguez

Money back guarantee if you feel you didn’t get enough value out of your seminar.

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