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I consider myself a sharp person who received a good education at what I consider great schools. I had amazing teachers guiding me through a bit of a crazy life when I was younger, and into my adult years. With some hard lessons learned, a little elbow grease, and an absurd amount of luck, I was able to take advantage of opportunities that were presented to me and become relatively successful. As resilient as I was, it was my own mind that held me back at times. Depression, regret, self-sabotage, and all sorts of things plagued me through life. These things affected my work and relationships negatively and I struggled to open up and find a way to move past them. These days there seems to be more acceptance, resources, and ways to connect people who may be going through these types of struggles. Through some stories, thoughts, and ideas, I hope help anyone reading this in the right direction for the tools they need.

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My thoughts on how depression, regret, self-sabotage, and all sorts of things can plague a person through their work, relationships, and life.

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